Need to manually add Cloudfare Nameservers but don't know what they are

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I setup Cloudfare through Siteground. After about a week, my performance has degraded and I did some research and spoke with Siteground Support. Their setup is such that everything should be automatic once activated.

After reading up on your site, I determined the issue to be that my domain is registered with Bluehost, not Siteground - so, I need to update the nameservers there. That - I assume - will propagate to Siteground.

My issue is that I can’t even find my nameservers for Cloudflare. When I click on the DNS tab this is all I see:

With my setup the nameservers need to be changed manually which is fine but what are they? They’re not listed in the DNS tab but it does say " Your DNS zone file is hosted by , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website."

That’s where I also noticed the “Your DNS zone file is hosted by, a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.”

That’s also where I noticed the “Verification TXT Record” requirement. I just added that shortly.

At this point, I just need to figure out the nameservers so I can manually add them on Bluehost. If you can help me with that - I should be good to go.

I did and they show the same thing I’m seeing

The nameservers are still pointing to them. I realize that that is because my domain is with Bluehost not Siteground. Hence, the reason I need to know my nameservers for Cloudfare so I can manually update them. Siteground does not have that information - only you do.

As in, I found a Tip with some insight. Item 1 in this tip speaks to your situation, Community Tip - Fixing “Pending Nameserver Update”.

Edit - here is item 1:

Are none what?

I saw that and they should be located on the DNS app tab but they’re not. I uploaded a capture that shows the only information in there.

Well if that’s the case this is fairly useless. Cloudfare is handling which is redirected to If you look at the stats, you’re only handling 2% of my traffic. Since switching to Cloudfare my page speed load time has gone up an additional 3 seconds. My nameservers via Siteground are correct. They’re telling me I need to update the nameservers to Cloudfare - you’re telling the opposite. Upgrading to plus won’t resolve any of these issues. I only switched because you folks have more servers throughout the world than StackPath which was entirely faster, equal security for what I was paying for just fewer locations.

If all you’re going to handle is www traffic which is 0 then you serve no purpose. Thanks, I’m outta here.

If you sign up for Cloudflare directly via Cloudflare, yes, you do change name servers to ones that we assign.

If you sign up via a partner, the partner manages the DNS records and you don’t change the name servers. I don’t know what guide their tech is following, but their input is not consistent with the docs they provide,

Your nameservers are set as follows:

$ dig ns +short
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