Need to know the Value / Content of Type A name * for my account

I have added my DOMAIN to, the status is active.

I have added MX RECORDS, It is working.
I have added SPF, it is working.

My hosting is, and I have added A Record for the

After several hours, the A records are not updated while I check from

I didn’t find Type A, Name * record in my DNS settings which should point to cloudflare, I think, this is because of this, can anyone help on this, please?

They appear to reflect Cloudflare IPs

dig +short

Thanks for your reply,

Why I can’t see the A record I have added as per the image of my last post?

From the screenshot, you have two A records (, www) pointed to your hosting IP address which is good.

You want an record with @ (you have it already) or * (different one) symbol?

The prefix @ refers to the domain name itself ( from the screenshot) - it essentially means no prefix.
The prefix www refers to the sub-domain

The prefix * is a wildcard – if a DNS request is made for an address that does not have a specific A record setup, then the wildcard IP address will be returned.

My domain nameservers are pointed to Cloudflare.
I have a hosting account with, while I add my domain into for hosting, It gives me 2 options for the hosting.

1- Point the Domain to Bluehost Nameservers (which I don’t want)

2- Create A record in Cloudflare which I have created, as per the screenshot.

It gives the perfect result and shows cloudflare proxied DNS.

The wants the A record with their own IP Address which is, If I keep the DNS Proxied so it will not reflect the IP Address of which is supposed to be. I don’t want to disable Proxied to compromise the security, Is there any solution for such scenarios?


In short, no. If you have the proxy enabled, you won’t see the server IP. Why do you need to?

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Hi Domjh

Thank you very much for your reply and for sharing the exact article in which I am facing the challenge.

I don’t want to disable it because I want Cloudflare’s security and performance benefits, in case I disable it Cloudflare will no longer protecting my site.