Need to install own SSL

Hi All,

I need to install sectigo SSL for my website ( but the plan is basic ) how can install I don’t want to use Cloudflare SSL. Please help me

That’s a question for your host. You appear to already have a certificate, but if you don’t you can check out or Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates, but the installation is something your host needs to do.

As far as Cloudflare certificates are concerned, you’ll always have one additional certificate and that’s the proxy certificate. If you want a custom one here, you can only upgrade to a Business plan or unproxy your DNS records and connect directly to your server.

I only need to use dns not SSL

Why would you want to use Cloudflare then?

I need to hide my website that’s it if you can give proper solutions much better.

Then you are not using only DNS but will also have the proxy certificate.

Make sure your site is working fine on HTTPS, then add it to Cloudflare, and make sure the DNS records are proxied.

Also check out and #tutorials.

Okay. thanks

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