Need to find out, if possible, what account a domain is using

We manage a site for a client. We tried to add the domain through our Liquid Web API and it processes right up until the last step and stops with a red error message that the domain is already using CloudFlare through another account.
We do not control the domain, but it is pointed to us and not a CloudFlare server (Fred, Kara, etc.). It may be possible that the domain (before we started managing their site) was pointed to CloudFlare and there possibly is an old record, but we don’t know.
We really need to get this domain set up on CloudFlare for our client but cannot since it is being reported that the domain is already setup on CloudFlare, even though the DNS settings for the domain and DNS at our host, Liquid Web do not have it pointing in any way to CloudFlare.
How can this be resolved? Is there a way to get CloudFlare to remove the old information and let us set it up new? Is it possible to find out what account it is in now?
Thanks for any advice. This is the first time we’ve encountered this issue.

You’re probably going to want to add the site to a new account, I’ve not seen many successful instances of recovering access in similar situations. Can you share the name of the domain?

See my other reply with LeafDNS and LiquidWeb DNS info

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Not sure what happened to my other reply so here it is again.

Here is the link to LeafDNS report:

Here is the link to the LiquidWeb DNS:

We are CyberSpyder_net and use a vanity name server to get the domain to LiquidWeb.

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I think the best option is to add to Cloudflare directly and have your client change the nameservers to those assigned in your cloudflare account. (After the zone is active in your account and you control it, you can remove it from your Cloudflare account and re-enable/add via a partner, if that is the preferred method of operation.)

So, this sounds like it is something with the API and Liquid Web that is causing the error and the workaround would be to manually add it to our CloudFlare account at the registrar level. Then remove it if we wanted to add it back via the Liquid Web API. Correct?

I’d not add it to registrar, that’ll lock your nameservers to cloudflare. I’d just login to your cloudflare dashboard and select +Add a site from the overview. At that point we’ll scan the site and import the DNS records where we can. From there, have your client have their domain registrar change the nameservers to cloudflare. This #Tutorials does a good job of walking through those steps, Step 1: Adding your domain to Cloudflare.

And yes, after you have control of the domain you can then remove it from Cloudflare and have your client have their registrar set the name servers as you like. Edit - At that point you can also add the domain to cloudflare via the partner. If you run into any issues with timing and the domain still unavailable to add, you may need to contact Customer Support and have them purge the domain from our systems after you’ve removed it from your account

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Your first paragraph contradicts itself. Change it at the registrar and having the client change it at the registrar are the same thing. :slight_smile:
We know how to add a site manually to our account and then change the DNS to the provided name servers (Fred, Kara, Linda, etc.)

As to your second paragraph - couldn’t we just contact Customer Support and ask them to purge the domain currently, as nothing (current registrar DNS or host DNS - Liquid Web) are pointing to CloudFlare currently? This means that it isn’t being used there and should’ve flushed/purged out already, but for some reason hasn’t.

Sorry, should read “I’d not add it to Cloudflare Registrar”.

If the zone was in an account to which you have access, then, yes Support could assist, but they can’t purge a zone from someone else’s account.

Thanks for clarifying the registrar part.

On the purge from another account/zone - if none of the DNS entries at the registrar or host server point to CloudFlare, shouldn’t it have already fallen out from non-use? We’ve been hosting this client’s site for over two years now.

Yes, it would, but you’re getting an error saying it’s active which I assume is accurate. From that, I presume it’s active via a partner setup and wouldn’t involve cloudflare nameservers.

That seems like it could be the reason as the name servers shown by LeafDNS show it coming to us and Liquid Web and the DNS records there don’t show it going to CloudFlare in any way.
Finding out where it is currently set up may be next to impossible, so we’ll pursue adding it manually to our CloudFlare account from the registrar and then point it from CloudFlare back to our servers that way and see what happens.

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