Need to extend TTL

SAAS Vendor Telling us We Need to extend the time out setting for your Elevate URL.

It’s a CNAME for

We upload very large video files to this learning management system and we are getting time out errors after a couple of minutes. The SAAS vendors recommends we ask Cloudflare how to extend the time before it times out.
The video files are 700MBs +/-.

What can we do to resolve this timeout issue?
If we unproxy the CNAME the site address loses the SSL, is there a way to get an SSL attached to an unproxied CNAME?

That is generally not a proper site configuration. However with a CNAME record, it may even be still secure. Can you verify that you are on Full Strict?

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Yes Cloudflare SSL is on Full strict.

We ran an experiment, turned it to not proxied and browsers started giving the unsecure webpage warnings.

All right, then it should be secure.

As for the upload, I am afraid you won’t be able to upload more than 100 megabytes with a proxied record.

That being said, their hostname is on Cloudflare as well, so this will be a SaaS SSL setup. In that case, the 100 megabyte limit shouldn’t apply as everything will be under their account, however that also means they will need to fix that. If they assume it is a Cloudflare issue, they will need to contact support themselves, as it is their account.

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