Need to enable port in to access my domain throw

dear all
need your help about accessing my website throw port 8700 and 7800 , but can’t , i think that they are disabled , how to enable these ports by my account

thanks in advance

This will not work on all plans below Enterprise and probably not even there.
You need to set up a reverse proxy for that or change the ports of your webserver.

many thanks for your reply ,

this mean that my account is must be enterprise account?

Not necessarily. If you can and want to effort, go for it :slight_smile:

But you could also configure a proxy or change the port used by your application

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thank you , how i configure the proxy ( from cloudflare ) , please if you know the steps , send it

As I wrote earlier: you need to configure a proxy on your server If you can’t change the ports used by your application. Nginx for example, which will redirect Port 80 and 443 internally to 8700 and 7800 ll.

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