Need to disable WARP on laptop to connect to iPhone hotspot

When connecting a laptop with WARP installed to an iPhone hotspot, I need to disable WARP to be able to connect to the hotspot. Once connected, I can re-enable WARP and it works fine.

When doing the same thing with an Android device, I can switch from WiFi to the hotspot without having to toggle WARP.

Note: the laptop is the device with the WARP client installed, the mobile device is just used as a hotspot

MacOS Monterey version 12.6.1
Chip:	Apple M1 Pro
System Firmware Version:	7459.141.1
Cloudflare WARP: Version 2022.12.593.0 (20230118.6)

8 plus
iOS version: 16.3.1

Hi there,

Would you be able to open a Support ticket and provide the warp-diag files with the trouble action?
I will get this to Engineering to take a look.

Please also run through this documentation to see if there is something for you, the limitations as well:

Thank you.


Ticket ID: 2752556