Need to disable 2FA on Super Administrator Account

The Super Administrator has gotten a new phone and did not transfer/backup his 2FA codes on his old phone.
I have access to the account but I am only an “Administrator”. I can see the Super Administrator’s account, but am unable to disable 2FA on his account.

Is there any way this can be disabled/reset so the Super Administrator can login to the account?

I can only say that’s kind of a dangerous issue nowadays regarding security measures and taking 2FA into the account.

And may I ask what exactly happened with the e-mail of the Super Administrator?
Do you have access to it’s mailbox (to send and receive e-mails from it), or not?

I am truly not familiar with it, if so.

May I ask have you tried writing a ticket and contacting Cloudflare support due to your account issue from this Super Administrator e-mail (if you have access to it)?

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I have the same issue, my phone was broken and I don’t have access to my recovery codes.

Where my confusion happens, is that I don’t understand the Super Admin/Admin structure of my account. I believe my account just used a single e-mail, so I don’t know who the Admin or Super Admin is.

This leaves me in a weird place where support stops responding to me, I can’t complete the auto-verification as it requires me to create files for domains that do not have DNS records - they are locked in Cloudflare Registrar so I can’t add DNS records to point to an origin server to complete verification.

Is my only choice now to say goodbye to my domains and cancel my credit card that is linked to Cloudflare registrar? Support hasn’t replied in 9 days, and my community post has 0 replies still.

The whole ordeal has me feeling anxious every day. I have loads of my old domains in Cloudflare registrar and I’m unable to push new projects out. I even want to pull my Cloudflare stock positions now.

I don’t know what to do.

ticket number 2272506

Please post the ticket #.

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My ticket # is here:


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I’ve escalated the ticket #. Support should get back to the Super Admin for 2FA recovery.

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Thank you @sdayman even getting replies now is making me feel much better.
I appreciate you escalating the ticket!

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We sent a response on the ticket last week. If you are continuing to have any issues, please let us know via the ticket.

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