Need to disable 2FA cannot contact support

Is anyone having issues contacting support? I need the 2FA to be disabled on my account. I searched everywhere on the Cloudflare website and cannot find a support section that can help disable 2FA. I am locked out of my account.

I have a premium Cloudflare account recently upgraded through Siteground, my hosting provider, another email is tied to that account that I am trying to access. I have to create a new user account, with a new email associated, to even post here.

The issue I have is accessing my Cloudflare account because 2FA is active. I have a new phone, lost connection to the authentication app, and I don’t have access to any backup code.

Email them: support AT cloudflare DOT com

And then post the ticket # here as soon as you get it.

Thank you! The request ticket is #2281015. Looks like the team is on it and I am going through some verification steps with them.

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