Need to delete AAAA but not showing up on my DNS settings


Need to delete AAAA but not showing up on my DNS settings. Weebly manager found 4 of them and screenshot them to me, but he cannot delete them for me, and godaddy whom I own the website through cannot access them. How do I proceed to get them deleted and my website secure asap?


You likely don’t need to change this at all, when you use Cloudflare you will see Cloudflare’s IP addresses, Cloudflare proxies users to your server.

Are you encountering actual issues?


Thank you for responding! Here’s the issues I am bumping up against:
1.I made cloudflare my nameserver through the steps and setup, yet I am not SSL secure yet.
2. I made changes to my site via and when I went to publish it, the error message came up saying that my website wasn’t configured correctly.
3. I called them and they said that I needed to enable the SSL through their settings on their editor, but because of the AAAA DNS records that he found, thso eneed to be deleted first and my IP address updated on cloudflare.
4.I called godaddy where I own the website name through, but they cannot access my DNS because it is now going through cloudflare.
5. When I go to the DNS section on my cloudflare there are no AAAA files showing, just A. The weebly guy sent me a screen shot of the 4 AAAA that he pulled up under my website.


Ah yes… weebly for some reason doesn’t support IPv6. I really wish they would fix that… you van turn it off here to verify and then turn it back on.


so does that mean I cannot delete the AAAA records in DNS?
Also, does that mean that because I have Weebly that I will not be able to get SSL as long as cloudflare is my routing DNS?


You can use the api call to disable IPv6 on Cloudflare for weebly to issue the cert. You could also temporarily :grey: the record as well in the DNS settings I believe.