Need to create two rules


I need to create 2 forwarding rules. One always redirect non-www to www, and always redirect htttp to https.

I had something similar in place but just learned that one of them was producing an error where the slash after the .com would get lost, so the final URL would look like example.comfile instead of

I need both rules to have 301 and avoid double-hopping, meaning:


  • non-https, non-www goes to directly to https, www


  • non-https, non-www goes to http, www and THEN
    goes to https, www

Also incorrect

  • non-https, non-www goes to https, non-www and THEN goes to https, www

Would appreciate step by step instructions for creating the rules and also which rule to put first.

For HTTPS you dont need a rule, just use the global “Always use HTTPS” setting.

As for the redirect -> Redirect to

I’ve already used those instructions to create the original rule, and that’s the one that resulted in the error where was going to example.comadstxt

  1. Make sure your rule matches exactly the instructions
  2. Should it still not work (in which it is very likely it still does not match :wink:), post a screenshot of it

That option doesn’t include 301 responses. The purpose of this exercise is to have valid 301s for every non-existing URL.

I dont know what you mean by that last sentence. But you did not address my last two points.

If you don’t know what a 301 is, then why are you answering questions here?

Oh Christ, what a lovely attitude. No worries, I am out of here.

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