Need to confirm if the Cache Reserve is working or not

I have activated the cache reseve on the cloudflare site.
Also installed the Super Page Cache for Cloudflare.
Now, I want to confirm, if the Cache reserve is working.

I can see Cf-Cache-Status = HIT
But also can see that X-Wp-Cf-Super-Cache-Active: 1, which is Super Page Cache.

I have not find any tag in html page relared to cache reserve.

Shall there be any?
How can I ensure, that all my pages are delivered via Cache Reserve functionality?

Cache Reseve Analytics will show you if requests are being served by it (i.e. an asset was purged from cache, and repopulated from Cache Reserve vs being repopulated by going to origin).


Thank you. I can see that there are some numbers populated.

But can I check somewhere - line in the inspect element to see the certain elements (js, css, html) are handled by Cache Reserve or no. As I mentioned - I can see that the element is served from the cache but cannot tell if it is Cache Reserve or server cache managed by my plugin.