Need to completely remove caching


Hey community,

I already tried the developer mode; its great, but it automatically turns off after 3 hours.
Is there a way to completely turn off cloudflare caching?

Thanks for answers


Hi @raffaelsheikh,

I think you can create a Page Rule that will bypass cache for the whole domain. Please check the Page Rules Tutorial.

Then after you create the Page Rule, you need to go to Caching > Purge Everything.


Thanks, i’ll try :smiley:


Dont know, if its disabled know, but here’s a picture:

Is that a valid input I gave?

Will my subdomain be affected too?



Yes, your subdomains will also be affected. If you don’t want that, then get rid of the first *


I’m not an expert here, just a user. But imo this should work.

You may prefer to drop the / and place the * just after the xyz.

Also, one thing to bear in mind is that only one page rule is applied to any given URL. That means that for this to work it needs to be your only page rule, otherwise caching may apply to URLs that match another page rule. So make sure this is on the top of your page rules, and that it includes other directives you may have in other page rules, such as security level etc.

To check whether or not it’s working, you can visit a page on your site (or a few pages), click F12 to open Chrome (or Firefox) Developer Tools. Go to Network tab and click on each element to see the HTTP headers (refresh the page if needed). If the resource is being cached, you will see a header like: “cf-cache-status: HIT”


The / after the domain is normal. With a /* it will match / nothing or / something.


I agree. But I often see examples coming from Cloudflare support pages that lack the /.

Perhaps because some malformed queried URLs would look like ???


It sets the / automatically, i can’t reomve it.


Anyway, i’ll try it later on, thanks man.


Okay, i tried it, but I can’t find this header.


Okay guys, it works, thanks for your help.


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