Need to clean up DNS records

Domain is registered at GoDaddy and nameservers point to Cloudflare. I have DNS setup and working fine with WPEngine as my host. They do not have email. Currently that is handled by my old host Hostgator. I will change to SendinBlue. I have the records from them and am pretty sure I can set that up. But looking at my DNS I see a lot of records. Many of which I do not understand or recognize. I would like to remove any that are not needed, rather than just adding new ones, but I am unsure. I have
10 A records
4 CName, domain, mail, m, www
1 MX
7 TXT records
Does this seem excessive? How can I know what I can remove?

  1. That does not seem excessive.
  2. The community can’t help determine what DNS records are needed.
  3. If the DNS aren’t breaking anything, then I wouldn’t edit them.
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I will limit myself for now to removing anything that is clearly hostgator related.

I’m a fan of keeping the zone clean. You can use the export function via either the web or API to keep a copy of each revision as you make changes. If you combine the export with a version control system you can make reverting to previous data rather easy.

You can minimize the need to restore by investigating unknown records prior to any deletion.

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