Need to change our CF nameservers to nameservers on other CF account

I’m working with the web development company that will be hosting a new website for our domain which is already on CF (including registrar). This is the first time one of their clients is already using Cloudflare, so it presents a problem. They would normally ask their clients to change their registrar nameservers to their nameservers (and not just change the DNS records to their web host). But I can’t do that since I’m already on CF. But they are also already using CF to manage their entire infrastructure of backend web hosts, and would simply like to point my CF nameservers for the domain to their CF nameservers: and Is this possible? If it’s not possible, I’ll have to transfer the domain away from CF to another registrar where I can point the NS back to their CF nameservers. Thanks.

edited to add:
Apparently I need to clarify this even further.

My domain already on Cloudflare (and CF registrar) has these nameservers**:

A web development company developing our new website is ALREADY ON Cloudflare has these CF nameservers**:

They want us to point our domain to their CF nameservers. That’s it. It’s really very simple.

(** not the real CF nameservers)


Thank you for asking.

So the domain is registered at Cloudflare Registar and you have to change the domain nameservers to some other different than Cloudflare, correct?

If so, if the domain name is registered at Cloudflare Registrar, unfortunately, currently you cannot change the nameservers if you use Cloudflare as a domain registrar. Currently, Cloudflare Registrar only lets you use Cloudflare name servers. If you want to use external name servers, you’d have to transfer your domain registration to a different registrar:

No, please reread my post.

I do not want to change the nameservers to some other different than CF. I want to change the nameservers to DIFFERENT Cloudflare nameservers – specifically, the nameservers of the web development company creating a new website who are already CF customers.

I am sorry for missread, my bad.

Hm, ok, then the workaround would be to create a new Cloudflare account and add the same domain name to it. Therefore, for this new CF account, you will be provided with the new Cloudflare nameservers which you change at that domain name at it’s domain registrar.
And, you re-add them as “members” under the same CF account so all of you can still manage the same domain.

I do not see any other way, at least from what I do understand what you want to achieve.

Otherwise, kindly and patiently wait for another reply.

Once again, Cloudflare is already the domain registrar.

I don’t see what creating a new CF account would accomplish. What you described is not clear at all.

By creating new CF account and adding a domain name to it, you get new set of Cloudflare nameservers.

But I am not sure how would you change them for a domain already at Cloudflare Registrar → not possible to change them as already answered.

But, you can transfer out the domain to some other registrar, therefore then you will be able to change the nameservers for domain name and point it to your new CF account with the new set of Cloudflare nameservers.

I am afraid there is not other workaround possible.

Kindly, I’d suggest you to write a ticket to Cloudflare support due to your account and/or domain issue and share the ticket number here with us so we could escalate this issue:

  • Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button. If you get automatic reply, reply and indicate to it you need more help and reference to this topic
  • Or send an an e-mail to support[at]Cloudflare[dot]com from your e-mail associated with your Cloudflare account

I already did that. They said I was required to post to the community first, and then if the question isn’t answered in 72 hours, then they’ll escalate it to tech support. So here I am.

May I ask what is the ticket number?

Yes, I mention that as a last resort in my first post. I would like to not have to transfer the domain away from CF if I can avoid it.


Then this is a complex case :smiley:

Thank you I’ve escalated this.

Thank you.

Maybe, maybe not.

You can transfer domain back to CF if so …

But if I xfer the domain back to CF, they would just assign me to the default CF nameservers for that account. I need the nameservers to point to another, different CF customer’s existing nameservers.

Unfortunately, from my understanding only the possible solutin which I can see from the ToS of Cloudflare Registrar and your case: Transfer out and use different domain registar.

I am afraid not, but, kindly and patiently wait for a reply on your ticket if that’s possible.

It seems foolish from a business perspective to turn away a domain already registered at Cloudflare when all they need to do is direct my domain to different CF nameservers.

See below two post:

While the first one I’ve shared already:

I am sorry to say, but I am afraid you are out of luck.

If this could be done somehow, I believe you might have to go through the validation/verification process due to the ownership of the domain name, and provide some data, if so - but now I am really guessing. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for those links, but I feel like you still don’t understand the actual problem here. All those previous support cases you posted are asking to point a domain nameserver to OUTSIDE of Cloudflare, which is obviously not allowed. I AM NOT ASKING FOR THAT. In fact in one of the answers you posted was this:

to me from the documentation that it is only for domains using Cloudflare nameservers and the nameservers can’t be changed

My domain would still be using the Cloudflare nameservers, just DIFFERENT ones than the ones automatically assigned to the domain. I added some additional information to the first post to make it abundantly clear what I am asking for.

This case is NOT solved.

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I am afraid you answered your own question in your first post and know what to do about it, just looking to find a way around the ToS & Registrar Docs by asking Cloudflare to do some cross-solution for you by breaking them:

Again, I still might be wrong about it :man_shrugging:

We’ll see what happens. Until then, we can just hope :crossed_fingers: :wink: