Need to change NS on a domain to which we do not have access anymore

Need to change NS on a domain to which we do not have access anymore.
The previous company that managed our domain does not exist anymore and so does their domain.
We do not have the access to the old account nor do we even know to which email it was associated.
I would need to change the NS on to the following:


I tried creating tickets with Cloudflare but no matter the category I put it in, they say its the wrong one and close my tickets.
Any idea of what to do next?

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That’s not going to work for a domain that is not in your account.

You will need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar either to a new pair assigned by your Cloudflare account or another DNS service. You will need to be able to access the account at your domain registrar. If you dont know who your domain registrar is, you can share the domain here and someone will help you make that determination.


The registrar is Cloudflare. It was registered under another account to which no one has access to. That’s the issue. That’s why I’m trying to talk to someone on their support team to help me with the change.

You are in a difficult position. Cloudflare can only communicate with the owner of the account that has the domain registration and that is not you. I will request escalation, but cannot promise any particular outcome.

The domain you specified in the ticket is not on Cloudflare registrar. I replied in that ticket with next steps to move the domain into your Cloudflare account.


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