Need to change nameserver AT/WITH Cloudfare

Cloudfare provided me with nameservers that my host, Spruz, does not use.

Spruz uses the following nameservers:

I need to delete the nameservers given by Cloudfare and then add the above nameservers in its place.

If I am unable to complete this task, please let me know how I might delete my account and start this process over**

You can’t change the name servers in your account. You would have to deactivate your Cloudflare setup at Spruz and then update your domain registrar to point to your Cloudflare name servers.

that’s not an option as Spruz only uses those two nameservers. So how do I delete this account ? In order to set it up properly

If Spruz is forcing you to use those two name servers, then they control your Cloudflare setup. You’ll have to take this up with them.

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