Need to change iP back to bluehost

Im having trouble adding my domain email to my gmail account. Bluehost is telling me that i have to remove proxy IP on mail records and add my bluehose domain ip

Yes there is a triangle marker on mx part of the record. under the content mail.domain name…
The marker says…this record exposes the ip behind which you have proxied through cloudflare

If you just changed that one, it may take 5 minutes to update. It’s still showing as Proxied to me and most everywhere else.

How do i find out the mail server

You’d have to ask Bluehost if they’re your mail host as well.

and this is the error,

yes my domain email is [email protected] and bluehost is the host

and its not asking me for an ip address.

Your MX (Mail) entry is: ==>

Please notice that CloudFlare does not (and hopefully will never) handle Mail traffic and does just ‘piont’ you MX entries to an IP.

So if someone wants to send anything to your Mail. The MailHosting behind IP does have to be able to receive Emails for you with your configuration.

Actually I’m happy CloudFlare does not provide Mailhosting but “just” DNS hosting :upside_down_face:

If BlueHost is your host (and MailProvider) please ask for help at BlueHost. As this is not related to CloudFlare. CloudFlare does not handle, just redirect/point MailTraffic

The ‘mail’ hostname is still proxied. As the tutorial I linked to states, it needs to be DNS Only :grey:.

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the one under “name”? i changed it to dns only now

Ok, that should help get things back in order. Just make sure any mail software connects to the ‘mail’ subdomain to send or receive email.

i have a triangle by the mail and still a triangle by the mx resonancenews is that ok?

i was live chatting with bluehost and they told me that my mx and mail records were pointing to a cloudflare ip and i need to change it to the ip you just posted

That’s normal and unavoidable if you host email on the same server as your website.

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ok doing what you said pointed my mail back to my ip and not cloudflare? i thought i would have to insert my ip into something

so is everything fine? can i test it?

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