Need to change IP address

Hi, I need to change my IP address for email. Our domain name is current hosted by Cloudflare (but we do not know how this has come about) and we cannot access or change the IP address. Therefore we are not receiving any emails. How do I access my domain name account. Cannot contact a human at cloudlare to speak to.

The domain name is purchased from Cloudflare Registrar? What is that domain name?

Cloudflare is not hosting your site (we do in some cases, but probably more the case we are your domain registrar); If cf were your registrar, you’d probably be aware of that as we’re a no markup registry service and you’d see a cost savings. Is the account with your domain the same email as you are using here?

For account, billing, and registrar issues all customers can file a ticket here, If you open a ticket, please share the number here so that we can cross reference it to your post.

But, let’s try to fix the issue. You mentioned,

What are you trying to accomplish? Your origin (hosting) IP did not change, we sit in front of that and a ping will return a cf ip, not your origin. That is expected (and good) behaviour. Some good email #tutorial here,

:thinking: this makes me wonder if a vendor set up your domain on your behalf? If so, the domain is probably active in their account. What is the domain in question?

How long ago did your email stop working?