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mine is a online sales website with customers from one country(india) therefore i need to block traffic from all the other countries and iam aware of the country blocking features in the firewall tab of cloudfare but by doing so i might block my website being served to my country because cloudfare uses servers from different countries like singapore,london etc therefore i need cloodfare server to show my website only to india irrespective of the cloudfare server location
also iam no expert in this area ,therefore i request you to explain in detail

The Community is a free support resource, but we can point you in the right direction.

Cloudflare does a pretty good job of tracing which country your visitor is in. It doesn’t matter which path they take to your site, as their home IP address won’t change. That’s tied to a country, so if you use a Firewall Rule to block non-India visitors, Cloudflare will block people whose IP address isn’t in India.

If you still want search engines to find your site, make sure your Firewall rule Blocks Non-India visitors, but Allows Known (good) bots.

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thanks for ur quick response

  1. ok to confirm this
    field ““country”” operator"“does not equal”" value"“india”" and known bots"“equals”“on”"
    please acknowledge this because in screeshot known bots equals off
    2.also iam assuming all the indian customers will be able to view my website irrespective of the server location(singapore,london …)
    3.iam using dozens of wordpress plugins developed outside india,will my above setting in anyway disturb the workings of plugins
    4.also when a non indian person enters my sitename in google will he be able to see that site in google page ,if so what happens if he clicks on it (i)will he be blocked or redirected away form the site
    5.iam using the freeversion of cloudfare,in some other support forums i found that free version doesnt support country blocking
    6 how long will it take to block visitor outside india
    7.on sucessful blocking will there be increase in perfomance of my site ,also will i be completely safe from bots and humans trying to hack my site
    8.iam using all in one seo wordpress plugin, is the goodbots mentioned in cloudfare compatible with the wordpres all in one plugin
    9 iam also using bing analytics
    10.on blocking European countries will i be free from from making gdpr complaint website
    11.iam only using cloudfare as a content delivery network ,without doing any kind of setting change in my main hosting server will i be able to completely stop/block visitors outside india

please give me your reply in serial order
also any other suggestion or information about performance or security
thanking you

Firewall rules take effect immediately, and work with Free Plans.

The rule, as shown, says if the user is Not in India, and is Not a known (good bot), then block them.

Keep an eye on the site and your Firewall Events log to make sure you’re not blocking anything you don’t mean to block.

i have added firewall rules given by u ,but even after that i am able to test my site using gtmetrix canada server ,how is is the Canadian server able to get my site information which has now been blocked to anyone outside india

That would count as a Known Bot. GTMetrix won’t be buying anything from your site.

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