Need to allowlist IP's for integration to PayPal

I need to allowlist several IP’s for integration to 3rd Party Memberpress. The IP’s that Memberpress requires allowlisted for Paypal are in the format: ranging from /20, /21, /22, /23 and /24. Unfortunately not able to add.

Hi there,

When it comes to IP addresses/subnets - IP access rules only support /16 or /24 or single host /32 IP’s.

What you may consider doing is allow listing PayPal’s ASN - 17012

$ whois
AS | IP | AS Name
17012 | | PAYPAL, US

Another option is to use custom rules and create a skip rule to bypass all of our security features for the subnets you need - Configure a custom rule with the Skip action · Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF) docs

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