Need to add DNS records but no websites in my account

I really don’t understand how Cloudflare works with my hosting company Hostgator but I’m in a situation where I apparently need to add 2 DNS records and 1 MX record to Cloudflare, in order to be able to send email from my domain through my email marketing platform (gist).

I tried logging into Cloudflare, but it says I don’t currently have any websites in my account.

Do I need to add my website where it says +Add Site in order to add the records?

A freelance tech person I hired a few years ago to speed up my site is the one who moved my nameservers to Cloudflare. Should my site be there, or am I looking in the wrong place?

This is all a bit above my technical level.

If anyone can enlighten me I’d truly appreciate it.

Thank you.

There should be something in your account here if that was the one set up for your domain.

What’s the domain?

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On that DNS settings page, scroll down a bit until you find the Cloudflare Nameservers section. It should list and

Is that what is listed there?

I’m not even sure where to find the DNS setting page.
This is what I see when I login to Cloudflare


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Hi @dlachusa, do you have access to the Cloudflare login the freelance tech person set up for you or did you create a new account?

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I found a login in my password keeper but I’m thinking it’s a new account. I’ve never used it until now. I have a feeling the freelance person set it up through their account, but honestly I don’t remember.

Understood, thank you. You have two options - if you’re able to contact the person that did the setup, you can work with them to get a login to that account. If you’re not able to contact them, the option would be to move the domain into your account. To do this, you’d go through the +Add Site option, receive two new name servers and then change those name servers with your domain registrar.

Once you are either logged in to your existing account or have moved the domain to a new account, then you can add the records your hosting provider mentioned.

Thank you. I will see if I can find the freelancer thru my upwork account. If not, I will move it into my account. I may be back if I have further questions. Thanks again!

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did a little digging and found this in my GoDaddy account (my domain registrar).
It shows the Cloudflare nameservers.

Unfortunately I can’t track down the freelancer, so just to be clear, I need to…

  1. Add my site in my Cloudflare account
  2. Where do I receive the 2 new nameservers?
  3. once I get the 2 new nameservers, I change them in GoDaddy?
  4. then I can add the 2 dns records in Cloudflare?

Sorry, but I don’t want to screw up my site and this is all new to me

  1. In your new account, click the +Add Site button.
  2. You will have to manually type in the DNS records that should be listed at GoDaddy for your domain.
  3. Cloudflare will then tell you which name servers you’ll need to set for your domain registration settings at GoDaddy.
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Thanks… not to be dense but I’m still confused.

This is what I see in GoDaddy (my domain registrar):

It says it can’t display my DNS info because my nameservers aren’t managed by GoDaddy.
Then it shows the Cloudflare nameservers.

I can’t manually type in the DNS records if I don’t know what they are. And if I can’t login to the Cloudflare account that shows that info, how am I supposed to get it?

TIA for clarification!

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If you can’t get those IP addresses from GoDaddy, which is what your screenshot looks like, you’ll have to turn off (“Change”) those Custom Nameservers and use their defaults so you can get those Records. Take a good screenshot of those records when they show up, then type them all in over here.

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OK thanks for the additional help.


Completed all of this on Saturday. Cloudflare nameservers are showing in GoDaddy. Do I need to do anything in my hosting account at Hostgator because my website still isn’t coming up?

I was able to verify my domain with my marketing email service, so the primary issue has been solved.

As a side note, my internet service went out yesterday so I can’t get online except on my iPhone. But when I try to pull up my website ( I get a blank screen.

Thanks for all the help so far. Appreciate any additional pointers to get this thing finally resolved.


Now would be a good time to set your DNS entries here back to :grey: to see if you can get your website to respond properly. Right now, it’s doing a bunch of redirects that are broken. This implies a problem with the designated web server.

Sorry I’m not clear what you mean… can you please be more specific? I’m a little outside my expertise here.


Go to your DNS page in the Cloudflare dashboard ( and make sure every entry is set to :grey: instead of :orange:.

Thx. Did this last night and my website is still down. Any other suggestions?

If all your records are set to :grey: then they are bypassing Cloudflare services, hence it is a problem on your server or with your website itself, you should try and fix it there before you switch back to :orange:.

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