Need To Access Historical Unique Visitors data from

I Need To be able to Access Historical “Unique Visitors” data on Cloudflare from 1 website, How can this be done? Please any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

Other than what’s already available in the Dashboard, there’s this from the API, but it’s going to be deprecated soon in favor of GraphQL.

Thank you for your quick response unfortunately that doesn’t answer my question Let me rephrase can I use the GraphQL to retrieve the “Historical Unique Visitors Data” or not? Considering if it does or will, I still have no clue how or what to do but I am a fast learner and will assume that if configured properly GraphQL will retrieve the needed data. So until I hear back from you or waste hours of time studying just to find that it can’t do what I need I will begin a cursory examination of the information. Although why it can’t retrieve the data would be highly suspicious and problematic. I look forward to your answer and will begin my investigation. Thanks Again.

Okay what about this, Can I sign up for the pro plan for a month and download all the Historical data I need and maybe check out the Bypass Cache wCookie action but since I cant really afford it would probably have to cancel after a month or two. The main thing of course would be the ease of getting the Unique Visitors data from the day I signed up to the present is that possible?