Need TLS Certificate for www.subdomain?

I understand that Cloudflare’s universal SSL certificate covers the domain and one level subdomain. But do we need to get the TLS certificate for Cloudflare to cover It seems so, but kind of odd. Any way to redirect to without getting SSL errors?

Yes, you do.

The dot in that www.subdomain part, is the thing that makes it more than one level deep.

Only by obtaining a certificate that also covers for the hostname.

Thanks. Solved this issue by bypassing Cloudflare for www and just redirecting to URL without www.

Cloudflare offer Advanced Certificate Manager to enable certificates to be issued for subdomains deeper than offered by Universal SSL. (ACM is a paid add-on)

Thanks. I am aware. It isn’t that expensive either. If I were using deeper subdomains, I would be happy to get it. But I literally just need to redirect to, so my solution works for that.

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