Need the dns nameserves

I just registered a new domain on After this i installed the cloudflare protection which in the same time created an account on cloudflare linked to my domain. Later on I disabled the cloudflare protection service and I am trying to point the nameservers to cloudflare directly instead of using the cloudflare protection since i do not need to proxy it. But I can’t find the nameservers to write to the dns zone on the domain management back on hostinger.

When i go to the dns section on my account it says : “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Hostinger , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.”

How can i get nameservers from cloudflare so I put them to point directly to Cloudflare?

Thank you

Someone had this problem a day or so ago with a similar setup at Siteground. Try deleting the domain from Cloudflare, wait an hour, then re-add it. You can delete the zone from the Overview page, lower right corner. “Remove site from Cloudflare.”

I had to contact the support onsite, to completely remove the cloudflare integration that was made and then on the cloudflare panel i could re-add the website and it gave me nameservers. Now it is ok , thank you for your answer.

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