Need support to call me

My website is not working anymore ever since I switch name servers on my account. so i was instruction to change name servers to point to Cloudflare and now my website is down

Hi @prolegallitigation,

Unless you are on an Enterprise plan, support don’t do phone support, only ticketed email support.

We can generally solve most issues here on the forums though, if you would like to share some details with us.

What is the domain?
What error do you see when visiting your website?

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Domain name is

This site can’t be reached

You seem to have configured the nameservers OK, but you don’t have any DNS records for your domain.

You will need to add a DNS record pointing to your host for your website to function correctly. The content of the record needed will be available via their control panel or from their support.

Thank you so much for your help!

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