Need some information


Hey guys!
I have been wondering, some things.
How many moderators are there?
What are the main duties for moderators?
How do you handle duplicate posts?
Can anybody answer my questions please :slight_smile:


Hey there.

There are 4 admins and 3 moderators according to this page:

There are also ‘Regulars’ that have a few elevated privileges (like recategorizing posts). The ‘Regular’ flag is based on how Cloudflare have configured their Discourse trust levels

I haven’t really seen an exact duplicate post here yet, but I’m not here all the time… Some folks may have a similar issue but their environments may be totally different so arriving at a solution may require totally different path.

If you’re worried about posting a duplicate topic, you can always find a topic that revolves around an issue that is very similar to your own, and post in that thread - moderators can always split topics in the event the discussion branches drastically or the final solutions differ.


Hey @cwkhawand,

Very rarely have we had duplicate posts as @andy mentioned. But we do have the advantage of a KB where we can often point people with common answers to. We have a few admins and moderators and a lot of Cloudflare staff who also participate.

In general we (Cloudflare) try to facilitate conversation and listen to feedback and answer questions where we can. None of the Cloudflare folks have moderation as their main duty, I volunteered to be abused by @eva2000 @andy and others for the fun of it. :slight_smile:

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