Need Some Help With Redirecting Specific Country By Cloudflare Workers

Hello , I Need Some Help With Redirecting Specific Country By Cloudflare Workers

Can any developer send me the correct recipe for redirecting specific country to subdomain instead of root domain , i have cloudflare pro plans for some account and domains cloudflare support told me to find help in community and they are not supporting even paid members any way the domain i have asked for this rules and not getting support there i have downgrade it to free plan even downgrade dedicated ssl for such unprofessional support person.
any way if there is any true developer here can help me im really appreciate the help from truly developers .


No developers here or support can fix this ?
what about if i make it paid service if any body interested ?
i can pay for any one for it, this is will be better instead of free :slight_smile:

all rights its seems no real developers here another account remove pro plan to go


since im not able to add reply after thomas4 , here it is : i know this isn’t job board i have some eyes and if you look closer and read the topic you will find im asking for help first and then i replied with the most thing you and me and all love (Money) if there is some developer know the solution and not able to reply me because its a free help so its the money can do some works there , but guess what there is no one able to do it even the support whois just able to mark the topic as solved and closed did you see what i mean :smiley: any way its nice to say hello here .

This isn’t a job board, hire a javascript developer and they can probably help make what you need.

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