Need some help with pointing the domain?

For some reason my design team is having a hard time getting Cloudflare to point with hostgator. They have asked Cloudflare to look into it but they say nothing is wrong but my design team says it is still not pointed. If anyone can please help us with this we would really appreciate it.
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What’s the domain ? , With what Records is the issue with you are facing

I am the go between guy, so I will ask. I am sorry if it take a little time

If the domain name is registered at Cloudflare Registrar, unfortunately, currently you cannot change the nameservers if you use Cloudflare as a domain registrar. Currently, Cloudflare Registrar only lets you use Cloudflare name servers.

Edit: You can’t enter the nameservers anywhere at Cloudflare but can check with Hostgator about any other DNS records you need. You are also likely to be able to access them somewhere in their control panel.

@onenationblogger Please let them know about this also

I will let them know that

Thank you

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Most welcome :grin:

What a mess!! Thank you so much for your help. I don’t understand a word you said HAHA, but I am sure they will. Lol

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This kind of thing is way over my head

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Can you tell what is the word You Can’t understand ?

They want to know what they should do next?

I guess they still don’t know how to fix the problem. Do you have a solution?

Yes ,

@onenationblogger Sorry I Just saw that the Document was "Outdated"

Yes as @micheal said is Correct . Give your the document and tell him to look and figure it out

A better solution is to just point Cloudflare DNS at the Hostgator IP address for the website. Give your designer the following, and once they give you the IP address you can create A records in your Cloudflare DNS panel.

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Maybe? I am working on it now. We will see
I will let you know. Thank you

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