Need some clarifications about the "DSGVO" term with Cloudflare

Well, let’s get straight to the point. A client in Germany does not want to use Cloudflare and its CDN due to their DSGVO policy.

What if using Cloudflare CDN?

Why? You’d have to ask the client what they find unacceptable about Cloudflare’s policy.

Neither Cloudflare, nor the Cloudflare community would know what kind of opinions that your client may be having?

Considering that, and your mention of their DSGVO policy, …

… wouldn’t those questions be something you should direct at your client?

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Yes, he told me it ( Cloudflare CDN ) might break the rules of DSGVO policy.
And as I know Cloudflare has Headquarter in Germany

Not a Headquarter, it will be office , I think

He was confused. And because of that, I am also confused now.

So I have posted here to know

In English GSDVO is known as GDPR. I would start with the page below and work with your client to articulate concise questions if there are still concerns.

Thanks… Now it’s clear.
So we can use Cloudflare without any issue.


Probably, but that is not for me to say. I am not a lawyer, and that link should not be construed as legal advice. :grin:


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