Need some clarifications about importing owned SSL

Hello everyone, can someone give me a hand with installing the SSL issued by SectigoLimited certificate, star certificate applicable to .example(.)com. Obviously we intend to use it on any subdomain we will create under our DNS zone…

I have imported it into Cloudflare under Edge Certificates and it says Holding deployment. No idea what that means, and its been 2 days since I asked on support which supposedly have under 2 hours median response time. So what Holding deployment actually means?

Secondly, I am supposed to create a CAA record under DNS zone. My question is which option to pick under Tag, “Only allow specific hostnames” or “Only allow wildcards”. If anyone have a link to an explanation please share since the 6 steps in knowledge base doesn’t explain anything.
The other question, is regarding CA Domain name, which should be “SectigoLimited” or “”?

Thanks in advance

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Hello thanks for reaching out. Can you please let us know the domain where you face the issue so that we can check this for you?

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Hello Anjana
The domain is
There is no issue, all I wanted to know which type should I choose for wildcard certificate when creating CAA records before changing the nameservers… I presume Holding deployment means that the changes haven’t been done yet…

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