Need some advice Urgently - What am I doing wrong?

Hi Guys.

I don’t know if anyone ever had this problem. Since I started with Cloudflare about 3 months ago I think, every time I update my WordPress website or updating a blog ( which is daily ) my website CSS getting broken. To fix this I have to go and purge all from Cloudflare. Also, I am getting 502 error for about 2 min![Screenshot 2020-11-12 145942|632x500]Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 10.02.18 AM|690x412 utes every text/blog/image update I do, even if I start a post and just save as draft.

The website is

Preferences Cloudflaire
Caching Level - Ignore query string
Browser Cache TTL - 1 Day
Auto Minify - ALL
Brotli - ON

Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress - ON

Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritization - ON
TCP Turbo - Enabled

MirageBeta - ON

Rocket Loader™ - ON

Railgun™ - ON

My guess is that since you use Cache Level: Ignore Query String, Cloudflare will cache your CSS and won’t update if the new CSS has a control number as a query string. Many WordPress plugins, such as Elementor, Autoptimize, Clearfy, etc will add a control number to make sure the new CSS is always requested, but because of your cache level, this is being ignored until you purge everthing. Try changing the Cache Level to Standard, purge the cache, and see if that fix it.


Thank you so much
I will try this for sure!


Hi @MikeLee, did that work?

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