Need second opinion on odd CNAME setup / Hosting provider & Domain Registrar issue

I couldn’t point to Siteground hosting nameservers for this client, I created A records pointing to their IP so they could keep their mail server in tact. So Cloudflare still needs a CNAME to work.

Network Solutions (domain registrar) isn’t confident about the CNAME records Siteground provided, they looked ‘strange’ to them but provided their recommendation and asked me to confirm with Siteground :stuck_out_tongue:

Because they think I’ll have to delete my www A record in order for the Cloudflare CNAME to work. That’s why it’s super important to get your opinion! I don’t want my client’s site to go down :scream:

Here’s a screenshot of Network Solution’s best guess »

And this is what siteground gave me -I think one’s to host and one to verify »

What do you think? Are the CNAMES configured properly and do I need to remove my original www A record pointing to siteground’s ip?

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