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Hi. I need to use following 4 page rules but there is a limit of using 3 page rules only in basic account. Can anyone guide me if these could be restructured to make 3 rules to serve the purpose (specifically if first 2 rules could be merged to make one)?


Post a screenshot of the actual page rules.

I also want to use “preview=true” to bypass cache but no page rule is left :thinking:

So you basically want to cache everything except for the two “wp” URLs and “preview” URLs?

You could possibly merge the two “wp” URLs into ** however I believe Wordpress uses that prefix also for other paths, which would skip the cache in that way too.

Exactly, you are on same point. This will also bypass wp-includes, wp-content, etc.

When I remove “wp-login.php” page rule, I get error while logging-in to dashboard “Cookies are not active and browser not supported”. Is there a way to remove that error? This way I will get a page rule free to use for “preview”

Maybe @domjh, @cbrandt, or @sdayman have a nifty Wordpress trick up their sleeve :slight_smile: but in this case I’d say you’ll likely have to purchase additional page rules, if you want that to accomplish that particular configuration.


I hope so :blush:

Hi @fahad52

I’m afraid to say that I have a separate rule for each on the sites where I use cache everything!

I seem to remember @cbrandt having a solution to something similar, somewhere… But I can’t find it! Maybe I just made it up :smile:

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No worries. Let me wait for @cbrandt to reply :slightly_smiling_face:

The page rules I use for my “mostly static content” WordPress sites under free plan are:

Of course you could forgo the canonical redirect page rule (#1 above) and add one for *preview*. Since I don’t add too much content too often, I’d rather spend my third rule with the canonical redirect (and then purge the preview URL whenever I need to refresh it).

Please note that the second page rule should NOT have a “Cache Level: Bypass” setting. Cache will be bypassed for any page that would have been cached by the third (“cache everything”) page rule, because PR #2 comes before PR #3, and only one page rule is triggered by any given URL.

By not adding the “bypass cache” setting, you prevent Cloudflare from bypassing cache down the path /wp-content/, where most static files are located by default.


You can live without the Preview bypass…if you get your editing right the first time. If that post/page hasn’t been cached, you’ll get a new version…once.

I use WP Fastest Cache with their CDN integration. Anytime I update a page or post, it purges the entire cache. It’s not optimal, but it’s free. If it’s really worth your time, you can get an additional 5 Page Rules for $5/month.

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