Need only 1 IP instead of 2 nameservers

Hello there,

I’m new to Cloudflare.

I would like to try Cloudflare (only for the web site, NOT for Emails).
I have created my account in Cloudflare and I now need to change the nameservers.

I’m using and I can’t change the nameservers myself.
I have to ask the X-bit company to do it for me.

My current nameservers (confirmed by are:

  • Name Server: CS266.XBIT.JP
  • Name Server: NS02.XBIT.JP

I need to change to:

X-bit only want me to give ONE IP address. They don’t want to hear about or

I found that is and that is

I DON’T want to use Cloudflare for mails.

Which IP should I tell X-bit? Only one.

Thank you very much.

There must be some misunderstanding.

They dont need to give you any IP address, they only need to change the name servers from what is currently listed to what you were given. Nothing more, nothing less.

Generally, I’d recommend to switch to another company though as you should always be able to make such a change yourself. Also, they are not a registrar but only a reseller for Tucows Domains.

Thank you very much for your help !

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