Need Nameservers for .GOV domain

We are working on setting up a .GOV domain. We already have the Domain assigned to us. However, I am looking for Nameservers that we will be able to add to the site. So it can be registered. According to online, we are supposed to work with Tech Support to get this added because it has to be manually. We currently only have the free account. So when I tried to talk to support, they asked me to post on here. Is this something that can be done with just the free account? Or do we to switch plans? If it can be done with the free account, then how do I go about getting the correct Nameservers?
Thank you

Email [email protected] from the same email associated to the Super Admin of your Cloudflare account, specifying your .gov domain & asking for the manual setup of the nameservers.

It’ll likely get auto-closed but post the ticket number here & I can get it escalated to be looked at and re-opened.

Thank you for your reply. I emailed support and they sent me the following Case Number. 2504659

Thank you

I’ve escalated this ticket.

KianNH, Thank you

Thank you again for your help. They were able to add it manually.

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