Need nameserver for domain and website hosted with Namecheap


I have a shared hosting with Namecheap and I activated the Cloudflare on my domain name but it’s not working properly. Namecheap customer service is asking me for Cloudflare nameservers. I can’t find them on the DNS page of my CF account. How can I get them?

Thanks a lot!

You’re going to need the nameservers Cloudflare gives you after you use “add site” to add your domain to Cloudflare


(note: the ones above are for my account, your nameservers will be different)

If you domains is not yet active on Cloudflare, the nameservers will show up again on the overview page:


If your domains is active, you can view the nameservers again on the DNS tab under your DNS settings:


Hmmm… Namecheap should really know this, or be able to look it up since you signed up using their partner integration. :smiley:

Your nameservers are

Just anticipating the most common question… through partner integration you can’t cover the root domain, just subdomains of the root (e.g.

Also your zones are old enough that at the time partners probably weren’t requesting SSL certificates…how/where/why they manage that now is a question they have to answer.

Thanks for your for the answer, but my domain is already active on CF, but the nameservers are not showing on the DNS page of my domain.

Thanks! Let me get back to namecheap with this info!

They need something else, here is what they gave me as an answer:
These are the Namecheap nameservers. They are given to you by our team and they cannot be used for a Cloudflare. When you register in the Cloudflare, they provide you with a custom nameservers. Their structure is “”. For example " and
These nameservers are generated on their side and we are not able to know them.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Their support is mistaken. You can point them to this thread if you like. You signed up using this method (I have no idea what it looked like that the time in the UI or what it does now) Center/article.aspx/1191/2210/how-to-enable-Cloudflare-for-your-domain-name through Namecheap as a Cloudflare partner using what is known as a CNAME setup.

Your www record is set to CNAME to Cloudflare and Namecheap as a partner configured a resolve-to address to tell Cloudflare where to point. If you log into your account and go tot he DNS tab you well see that DNS is managed through/by Namecheap for your setup:

Perhaps Namecheap is no longer supporting this configuration (I guess it might have been nice if they told you). You are certainly welcome to delete the zone(s) from Cloudflare on the overview tab and re-add them to Cloudflare directly if that’s the case and they are unable to help you in your current config.

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