Need my own real IP address (first time)

This is going to sound funny, But I need the real IP address of my websites (sparrowstartup dot com) and (sparrowstartups dot com). Right now when I ping the first website, I get the IP that’s proxied by Cloudflare.

Can someone tell me exactly where and how I can get the real IP addresses of both websites thank you.

I see the IP address on my DNS dashboard for the first website, but putting it on my browser brings back a “500 bad request”.

No one at Cloudflare or in the Community can tell you your origin server IP. You need to obtain that from your web host.

Incidentally, neither domain is showing the 500 error for me.


If your site works, the IP in your dashboard will be correct.

It is not unusual that you cannot connect directly to your servers IP address, because most webservers will use the hostname in the http header do select the site to serve. If you connect to the IP directly, there is no hostname and the server does not know which website it is supposed to serve, hence the error “bad request”.


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