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Hello Support,

I am in a process of migrating my website to Cloudfare and would like to ask below queries,

  1. Do I need to whitelist Cloudfare IP’s under my hosting?
  2. I am already using a paid SSL then do I still require to use your SSL ?
  3. My website is created on wordpress then do I need to install plugin called “WS total cache”.
  4. Where is the setting to keep my website always online when my original host is down.

Thank you in advance.

  1. Generally, no, you don’t need to whitelist Cloudflare IPs. But if you do, the link is below.
  2. Yes, you need both SSL certificates.
  3. WP Caching plugins are independent of Cloudflare. For now, don’t add the plugin until you get Cloudflare up and running. Then evaluate your options.
  4. Always Online is under Caching.

Thanks for your reply and would like to confirm on Point #2 as how can I do it. All help is appreciated and also do I need to create page rules because I am using a static site.


On point 2, you keep the certificate on your origin and set your SSL mode in Cloudflare to Full (strict). This encrypts the connection between your visitors and Cloudflare and Cloudflare and your server.

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