Need Help-WP-Rocket With CloudFlare


I am planning to buy a PRO/$20 version of Cloudflare account for my website. I can see that it also comes with lossless Image optimization.

I am using wp-rocket for all my chaching, lazy load and compression. However, wp-rocket doesn’t provide image optimization in the package I have. So I was planning to install AutoOptimize plugin with WP-ROCKET.

Now I see that cloudflare is also giving Lossless Image Optimization. My question is:

Would this “Lossless Image optimization” be sufficient for my website image optimization. If Yes, then I wont install AutoOptimize to achieve image optimization and this way I can use

WP-ROCKET with CLOUD FLARE PRO account. And I can achieve everything.

I need help in deciding it. Any Suggestions or Help would really be appreciated.

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