Need help with SSL certificate for my wordpress blog

Okay so, I spent about 4 hours trying to fix this, I need help. I am trying to get a simple SSL certificate. tried everything I could get online( I don’t understand what seems to be the issue.

My website shows it have invalid SSL

My main domain is and addon domain is, I need help.

Your certificate looks fine

It is either a caching or DNS issue on your side. Try first clearing your cache and restart the browser.

Thanks for confirming the certificate seems fine. I checked it again, cleared all cache and cookies, the certificate still shows as invalid and

Any idea how to fix this? I want to start indexing my wbsite. I followed those steps:

Please help

Whats the output of




I guess we get the output by putting commands in the terminal? sorry if I was wrong, Here’s what I got.

Heres the NS lookup ping.

It resolves to the wrong IP address (well, not wrong but still the origin’s address). My guess is it is a propagation issue. Wait a bit until your resolver clears its cache and refetches the new entries. Alternatively you can switch to one of the public resolvers, which are typically faster in this regard.

I am not a professional in this, but I can do it if you could please let me know how to switch to public resolvers?

Thanks in advance.

There are walkthroughs for each of them at

A more or less complete list is at

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