Need help with setting up dns


I am unable to just use nameservers for my domain, it is set up for my minecraft as well. How can I go about setting up the cloudflare with records?

I am using the zone control as if you would go to the dns tab and enter the domain than the ip for the a record. I am not sure what I need to do to get this to work.

I can’t just go changing the nameservers directly to cloudflare and lose the subdomain with my server ip attached as well.


Cloudflare tries to import record by doing a scan of common records, if it didn’t get all the records you need on the DNS tab you can either enter them manually or click on the advanced tab and import a BIND file from your existing server into Cloudflare.


I can’t add the nameservers that cloudflare gives me. I need to add them as a cname or a record. How would I go about doing that?


Those two Cloudflare name servers: and need to be set at your domain registrar where your domain name is registered.


How would I go about keeping my subdomain?

mc.domain is for my game which is linked to a different ip address?


It’s just another A record (sometimes a CNAME) in your domain’s DNS page here at Cloudflare:

mc (just the subdomain part) and the IP address. :orange: if you want it proxied and protected by Cloudflare. :grey: if you want to keep it as is.


I have my domain routed by using the ip addresses of my server and hosting company for my website. I am unable to change those details on the domain register place.

I am needing the ip for cloudflare so I can add that to the domain.

That screen you shared is not even what I am looking at or talking about.


Cloudflare isn’t going to work if you don’t have your domain registered to use Cloudflare’s name servers.


I got it to work, but it’s not loading for https.


What happens if you access your page via https?


It works now. For some reason it was stating about how it could not connect through https. Check your cloudflare settings. It is working now.


My host got my subdomain to route to the ip while I use nameservers. It got fixed. My site and server still works.

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