Need help with setting up cloudflare pages with goddady

Hi everyone.
I was wondering how long does this usually take. I bought a domain at godaddy about an hour ago. I configured it adding the two DNS servers. Now when I go to goddady’s panel the configuration seems to have taken effect, but the website doesn’t come up, there’s some sort of publicity in there instead of the website I deployed into Cloudflare pages.
I’ve done this twice before, not sure what if anything I’m doing wrong now.
The website is supposed to be at
I appreciate your help.

What does your Cloudflare DNS show for your apex domain and the www entry? If it still has the values that were imported from GoDaddy, you are currently proxying traffic to GoDaddy’s parking page.

Make sure that you followed all the steps in Adding a custom domain.

Hi! This is what I have:

Custom domains is being set up. It may take up to 48 hours for DNS records to update and for your site to become viewable by visitors.

Then it says >>> Inactive (Error)

Now it says:
Active|SSL enabled

It looks like it is loading your Cloudflare Pages site now. :+1:

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Awesome, I’ll wait then. Thank you for clearing it up!
Question, I see you have a “Licensed” badge. How do I get that?

Completing the advanced tutorial with @discobot will award you that badge.

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