Need help with R2 and 'Flatten CNAME'

Setting up CNAME for sub-domain and followed all instructions re R2 bucket as SaaS provider is also in Cloudflare network, so that caused issue initially. However after following all instructions, still getting 404 error… Looking at all documents it says to disable ‘Flatten CNAME’, however that option is not available within DNS ‘Settings’, says ‘Flatten CNAME at apex’, no other option or option to disable.

Nor is it desirable as the main domain and root goes to another platform. So the main domain CNAME needs to be flattened. I cannot find a solution, please provide your advice, really stuck here.


A 404 is a problem at the server end. Your CNAME points just as you have specified. So the server isn’t recognizing the www sub-subdomain.

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