Need help with Protego360

I have Protego360 purchased from Cloudflare, have been going around in circles trying to identify the issue and why is it so difficult to contact a company whom you have made a purchase with?

Im not aware of a Cloudflare product or service with that name. What does this service do and what error are you receiving?

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Hi There,

Protego 360 is the custom email domain that I purchased from Cloudflare via my iphone.

I have tried to navigate the Dashboard to raise a ticket -I am so disappointed how difficult this is made. I registered for a Pro account in order to do this. However, it keeps stating I need to verify my account by opening an email sent to this address:

[email protected]

I have no idea how to do this?

I wish i had not purchased the domain through my iphone as this has clearly complicated things.

I am exasperated to the point i have reached out to Cloudflare via X and despite an initial response i have heard nothing. I have a website built. I have a domain name from Cloudflare and a hosting site which is Fasthosts.

I have had the website developer to have access to both Cloudflare and Fasthosts, he has updated the a records so he tells me.

The Website builder asked me to send this to Cloudflare.

Hello, We purchased the domain with Cloudflare and using Fasthost for website and we are trying to connect the domain with our hosting account. We already added the A records a week ago, but it’s not updated yet. Please let us know how we can connect the domain with our server if not then we need to transfer the domain to someone.

I have become exasperated by this whole matter.

All i want is help to resolve it from Cloudflare if the issue is at their end.

(Attachment Cloudflare and Fasthosts.docx is missing)

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