Need help with POST requests becoming GET

Hello all. I have a webhook set up with our booking service (FareHarbor). Whenever someone makes a booking, FareHarbor send a POST request to our webhook that is encoded as JSON ( My PHP file is designed to take the information from the booking and put it into our database. However, I am only receiving GET requests with no request body. The timestamps on the requests are corresponding to when the bookings are made, so something is coming through, just not a POST. Whenever I send my own POST requests, they go through correctly.

I’m not 100% sure the issue is Cloudflare. I have the following Page Rules for the webhook: Always Online: On; Disable Railgun; Disable Performance; Disable Apps: Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: Off.

Any help would be appreciated!

None of these settings should influence it. I’d try first with “Disable Security”. Also, contact that booking provider, maybe they have a GET fallback if POST fails.

Thanks! No luck with Disable Security. I’ll check with FareHarbor and keep trying things.

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