Need Help With Persistent NONCE error

Hi guys, could really use your help and guidance.
I keep getting the following error, explained below.

“Error: Sorry, the nonce security check didn’t pass. Please reload the page and try again. You may want to try clearing your browser cache as a last attempt.”

My company website has been redesigned several months ago and this is when it all started.
We have op-in forms on the site (commercial) which throw this error after submission.
I don’t have any caching plugins on this WP install. The only caching is via CF.

We have lost an innumerable amount of leads and it has lead to my company nearly going out of business as the leads have trickled to nearly nothing.

I’ve gone through everything I could find online and nothing has helped. All repairs have resulted in temporary fixes.

Domain is at

I get no errors, other than a 404 for truck-middle-1_jpg.webp on the home page.

Contact form submission returned no errors:


Thank you for running the test. Much appreciated. I have a guy running tests 3X per day. Today on the first run in the morning, on the home page, the error occurred. We set a new policy to clear local cache every hour and will resume testing tomorrow.
Please see attached image. We have six landing pages / forms. Testing all of them. You tried the contact form which doesn’t seem to have any issues.

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I placed the site into dev mode and all problems went away. It’s definitely a CF issue. Any ideas guys? Open and willing to provide whatever info you might need about the config to help rid of this problem. I don’t like the idea of running an open site w/ no local or CF caching and no security features. We even tried turning off CSRF protection.

We’ve continued testing and comes to the same result unless CF is turned off.

Your time and insight is greatly appreciated.

I’m not a Wordpress user, but this came up here…

As in…

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Thank you sjr, interestingly enough the web dev installed WP Fastest Cache last night. I will now attempt the page rule work around. I may need to set it to clear hourly. I hope this works because currently the only work around is to hit development mode which resets after 3 hrs but that’s not really a solution.

Hourly is a bit short and will increase traffic to your origin. As the nonce is ok for 12 hours, you can go nearer to that (the poster in the other thread went to 8 hours), but probably something you want to experiment with.

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