Need help with paid plan for a mobile app

Hi, I am developing a mobile app for a puzzle quiz and need two things for it - an xml file and a database which can store quizzes and solutions. I am checking out the paid plan of workers and pages and while they mention pricing for database read and write, there is no mention of serving a xml file hosted on pages (as a static file with some instructions in 10 languages).

My app will read over 20 million rows daily which means over 600 million rows a month. Also it will require the XML file from the hosted site on pages.

So the $5 plan is ok for the database storage but nothing is mentioned about requests for the xml file (maybe 2-3 text files too.)

I can understand that it says unlimited but I am worried about the fair usage policy. Even at 400KB of text it could easily touch 30TB+ of bandwidth for static file transfer. May I know how many requests a static hosted file or website can generate for the paid worker and pages plan on cloudflare? I do not want to see my account suspended for anything not mentioned and exceeding usage. Because if the user decides to play quiz 8-10 times daily the text file requests could increase (static requests only).

I tried chatting with online help but got nothing there.

In final - over 600 million rows read + 3-4 static json files + 10 million users. Any problems with $5 per month plan?