Need help with page rules and optimisation (Business Plan)

Hey there
i’m quite new to this topic, i’ve tried to read and search for some of my questions, but in total i wasn’t able to resolve anything. I’m using a business plan, unfortunatley the Chat option doesn’t work… so i try my luck with the community.

I would like to set up page rules and filters against bots, but i’m not sure how far i can go without crashing everything…

At first i need filters to get rid of bots, as we encountered a big bot attack on the weekend (marked as possible bot) which led to the shutdown of our online store.

and secondly i would like to get the complete features of the cloudflare working, but i’m not sure how. Is there any expert (i would prefer a german) who could help me, i’m willing to pay for the service!

Hello there! First of all, sorry you had issues opening a chat - I have just tested with your account and I was able to do this successfully.

If this chat issue is still occurring, could you Generate a HAR file and Export the Console Log while replicating the issue, as per: Gathering information for troubleshooting sites · Cloudflare Support docs and attach that to your ticket.

I am asking a member of our team to take a look for you at ticket #2920765

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Hi there,

I’ve just now answered your ticket. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Take care.

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