Need help with Page Rule redirects


We are migrating to Shopify our website to Shopify and therefore will have to redirect all the urls to /pages . Example of redirection needed: */services needs to be redirected to */pages/services . Shopify has a limitation which would not allow me to create this URL redirect in Shopify. I would like to handle this in Cloudflare. Can I do it . IF so I would need some guidance on how it needs to be done. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, you can do it but in the free plan of Cloudflare you can create up to 3-page rules. to create more page rules you would have to buy them

I’m pretty sure the answer is no. Shopify uses Cloudflare and they control all your settings. Your only hope is if Shopify has something in place to handle this.

I believe you could setup something like this, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m still getting used to Cloudflare myself

That’s going to cause a loop because /* will match /pages. They’d have to manually create a rule for each directory they want to put under /pages

Ah! Right! You would have to forward to (or whatever the correct subdomain is), but that would only allow the root domain to forward, still could be useful.

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